The MIC Design Concept

Design Brief

Our key focus for the design of the Mobile Imagination Centre (MIC), was to encapsulate the theme of “imagination”. This meant steering away from generic designs commonly seen in corporate vehicle wraps in order to develop something that is unique and will have real impact.

Inspiration and Creation

After brainstorming a number of different directions, we settled on a “mixed media” style. The combination of different artistic elements and methods allows for the exploration of creativity, and showcases the capabilities of the Roland printers. Most importantly, it worked well with the overall theme.

After settling on the direction, we explored a number of style combinations to see what would work best. The initial concepts combined real life imagery with fantastical elements in various artistic mediums including photography, illustration, watercolour, and crayon.

Final Design

The final design features a combination of photography, watercolour, and textile patterns. The images of the Nepalese mountains and the hot air balloons symbolise exploration, and the textile patterns applied to the balloons provide a fantastical element. The hand-painted watercolour sky lends a dreamlike feel to the overall image; which, when combined, capture the theme of “imagination”.

Implementation and Build

Whilst we finalised the design, ShowTime Kustom Garage worked on the fit out of the vehicle – custom shelving and cabinetry, lighting, power, audio visual, feature graphic panel and signage. Once the design was complete, it was printed on a new TrueVIS VG Series printer/cutter and with the help of the team at ShowTime, was applied to the vehicle. See below for images of the process.